Holiday Season 2020

This has been one crazy year for sure! Now that we are reaching the end its time to say Happy Holidays to all the humans and parrots in our community!

I am planning to make some Christmas themed toys in the near future, if you haven't already sign up to our newsletter to be notified when new toys are released and any announcements I wish to share.

Due to the times we are in, thanks COVID, sending mail now comes with expected delays which haven't been too bad so far but I expect there to be longer shipping times now that we are getting into the holiday season and people are buying and posting gifts. If you are buying a gift for friends/family with birds or a gift for your own bird please keep this in mind. My order cut off for toys to be delivered before Christmas is currently set for December 6th with my final Christmas shipping day being December 11th , if it looks like post will be even more delayed I will update these dates. Of course I will still take orders and post them after December 6th but cannot guarantee they will arrive before Christmas.

I will hopefully be taking a week off around Christmas to go visit my family in Victoria assuming their restrictions are lifted. When I know those dates I will post an announcement saying the dates that I will be unavailable to work on orders.

Starting a business during this interesting year hasn't been easy but I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has purchased from me this year and supported my message. I hope next year is better for everyone and I am excited to see For The Parrots grow and reach more people to be able to enrich the lives of Pet Parrots everywhere.

If you live in the Riverina area keep an eye out as I am hoping to be set up at some physical markets during November and December. I will post dates, times and locations to my Facebook and Instagram pages when this is confirmed so if you're not already follow us there!

Happy Holidays and signing off for now,

Jesse (human), Pistachio and Monkey (birds)

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